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home remodeling naples, home renovation naples, home improvement naples


home improvement naples, litchen remodeling naples, bathroom remodeling naples

Michael Stein, the Gentleman Builder, has been instrumental in building some of the most prestigious addresses in the United States over the last 28 years.  We encourage you to explore our site and l earn how we can assist you:

As a  local home builder in Naples, Florida for the past 11 years, Michael has built hundreds of homes in Southwest Florida.  His unique skills include an expertise in real estate, construction and land development.

 Our new exclusive “Home Analysis” service is a unique tool designed to help homeowners evaluate their property's value while planning improvements.  The exclusive CERTIFIED TO SELL & CERTIFIED TO BUY services assist buyers and sellers of resale properties. 

If you are considering a home renovation or remodeling project in your home or are considering building a new home we encourage you to read the documents offered

FREE on our website, How to Avoid Common Remodeling Mistakes" and

                               "How To Avoid a Disaster When Hiring a Builder"


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